Welcome to mission Hosea website. This website is a site for marital success and reconciliation.

Here we give, encourage and pray for marriages. We have a deep wealth of understanding maritally not just mere words but spiritual and undisputed years of practical experiences that we tap into to bring out solutions for everyone that comes to this website for advice, encouragement or prayers

We do not intend this website to be a problem for users or newbie so we have made it as simple as 1,2,3. Once you arrive you click on prayer request, type in your details and request then you can click send.

We don’t just type back or call you on phone without taking a careful look at your request. We shall analyze your request and prayers shall be rendered in line with the word of God. In some cases we fast and pray and send you a reply based on the words God tells us to tell you.

We strongly believe that each prayer we table before the Lord shall receive a favorable response and we shall pass on this answer to whoso ever has made a request of us.

Our FAQ’s shall continually be updated and we believe that as we do many will find answers to their marital turbulence. If you go through our FAQ and do not find an answer to your problem, please send in your request.

Here we hope to release unto everyone the power to love even men or women who are considered “unlovable”. We believe that every marriage can work if both the man and woman are exposed to the right counsel. No marriage is impossible with God.

Thank you once again for visiting. Welcome to divine answers for every question. Welcome to marital success. Welcome to Mission Hosea.